Monday, February 11, 2008

Why Homeschool Parents Hurt Student Ministries

Reader beware: I speak from experience

This is a fact. Home-school PARENTS hurt student ministries. I did not say homeschool students. It's the parents. But you don't have to be a homeschool parent to be like one. The problem with homeschool parents is that for the most part, they have chosen the decision they have made out of an extreme desire to be the dictator of their children's influence over their lives.

That is why when pastors get together and talk about homeschool parents within their congregation, you hear words like, over-controlling, gossipers, division causers, manipulators, power hungry, or elitists. You will never hear a pastor say this, but this is the truth of that matter.

I was talking with one youth pastor who told me of a parent (a home-school parent) who asked him one day if he was a product of home school. When he said no, and that he went to public school, she said "'re a product of the system."

Can homeschooling be done right?
Sure. But I haven't met one home school parent that I wouldn't consider a close relative to a dictator.

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wrekehavoc said...

not sure how you found me, but glad i could help, though i annoyed a lot of people with my post, which in hindsight, i could have worded a lot better (had i had some coffee.)

love the post on conversations youth pastors hate.