Thursday, July 26, 2007

Conversations Youth Pastors Hate

I picked this blog post up from Tim Schmoyer's blog on "Conversations Youth Pastors Hate." Here's a sample:

#1. Adult: “Oh, you work with teenagers. That’s nice. So, how long are you gonna do that before you start a career?” (Translation: Youth ministry is a job for people in their 20s who aren’t sure what they wanna do with their life.)

#2. Parent: “Susan can’t come to Bible study because you scheduled them for Wednesday nights when she has soccer.” (Translation: My daughter’s athletic development is a higher priority than her spiritual development, so why can’t youth group fit in when there’s nothing better going on?)

Check the rest of the article as well as other "additions" to this list by blog commentors here.

Saturday, July 21, 2007

Top 5 Parental Dysfunctions that Youth Pastors Battle

  1. "I want my kid to be a kid as long as he can."
  2. "I want my kid to grow up as fast as he can."
  3. "I must be able to have my opinion not only heard, but followed in how you, the youth pastor, does ministry"
  4. "You are my child's pastor, but not I don't have to submit to you"
  5. "You may know stuff about the bible and really connect with my child, but in the end, I like you but I really don't have a great respect for you because you're so young"

Why is it that Parents can tell their child they must call us Pastor "So and So" but then not treat us like one?