Wednesday, February 13, 2008

"I Need a Break from Ministry"

ok... I get it. Everyone needs a "break". But too many times "I need a break" doesn't mean I'm getting brunt out. It means I haven't prioritized my life correctly and so I'm going to ease up on the stress by cutting my commitment to serving God in the local church instead of fiding balance in other areas of my life.

Person: Hey
Me: Hey! How's it going?
Person: Good
Me: You doing ok?
Person: Sorta, I ended up staying at a friend's hous last night and I slept 'til 2pm.
Me: wow...
Person: So yeah...I don't hink I'll be coming to church to serve tonight. Is that ok? I'm going to go to another church with a friend.
Me: ok...

What I wanted to say was, "so you're calling me at the last minute to tell me you're backing out on a commitment you made to my face to help actually be the hands and feet of God's ministry to do what? Play church with a friend? Go ahead...and by the way, why don't you grow up and act like you're an adult for crying out loud...sleeping in til 2pm!!! What the heck!"

Maybe I should have acted more like this guy.

But then I wouldn't be acting out of love.

I digress

Here's some stupid excuses:
Article 1

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